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Aberdeen Branch Awards

In 2005 the Society introduced Branch Awards - to be given to "deserving" members of the Branch who have given dedication and time to the Branch in a number of ways.  This could be for teaching, administration, accompanying, serving on committee or a combination of all of these.  Since inception, the committee has created a small group to make a decision on whether a Branch Award be given that  year and to whom.  As you can imagine, sometimes there is a hot debate!  We are very proud that we have members of the branch whom the whole committee consider are worthy of this Award.

Below is a list of those who have been given a branch award since it was introduced in 2005.



Lesley Martin & Jean Martin



Walter Sutherland & Eileen Watson



Jane Leys & Doris and Kenny Young



Bob Drummond



Jim Stott



Sheila Bain



Lynn Wood

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