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Committee Members 2018 - 2019

Below is a list of our current Committee members.  If you have any queries, or points you would like discussed at our monthly meetings, please contact one of the committee members (or the secretary, Lynn Wood 01224 636128) and they will be pleased to advise on the procedure.

The Committee is run voluntarily and comprises of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  Nine other members make up the full committee.  Our current committee has three current Scottish Country Dance teachers; and other members include a mixture of those who have danced for many years and those who are relatively new to the Scottish Country dancing fraternity.  This gives us a good balance of experience and new ideas, tried and tested methods and modern thinking.   

Most of our committee members are those who like to "give back a little something" to the Branch that has given them classes and dances over their years of membership - most members also feel strongly that unless they are proactive, the RSCDS Aberdeen Branch could eventually fade.  We are always looking for new members to join the committee.  The usual stint is for 3 years - contact any member of committee or the Secretary if you would like some more information.  Our last Branch AGM was on Monday 11th June 2018 and in 2019 the date is set for 17th June. 

Previous Minutes of AGM:











We are also always looking for new talent - so if you are a Scottish Country Dance teacher or musician, and have recently moved into the area, we would love to hear from you by mailing aberdeenrscds@hotmail.co.uk .

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Chairman Clare Grycuk
Vice Chairman Lynne Cursiter
Treasurer Fiona Taylor
Secretary Lynn Wood (01224 636128)
Other Members Edna Ewen
  Gail Fraser
  Anne Findlay
  Vi Lorimer
  Jean Martin
  Linda MacDonald
  Isobel McMillan
  Paul McKnight
  Norman Stephen