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The purpose of this page is for members to see Agenda items planned for the next committee meeting. 

If you are interested in any item on the Agenda after the meeting, please mail aberdeenrscds@hotmail.co.uk or speak to any committee member.

If members would like an item to be added to the Agenda and discussed in committee meetings, please send it with full details to aberdeenrscds@hotmail.co.uk at least 3 days prior to the meeting .  Once the item has been discussed, you will be informed of the discussions and (if relevant) the committee decision. 

If you have an idea that you would like to present to committee, please contact aberdeenrscds@hotmail.co.uk

Dates of committee meetings are listed below and when the Agenda is available, you will be able to link to it from the date. 


Tuesday 1st September

Wednesday 7th October

Thursday 5th November

Monday 7th December


Wednesday 3rd February

Thursday 3rd March

Tuesday 3rd May

Thursday 2nd June

Monday 1st August

Tuesday 6th September